McEwan Golf Co was born much like how the love of golf begins in so many of its avid players. A lifelong dedication to the competition of sports, to creativity, and to the pursuit of perfection both on and off the course. Golf is rich in its history, a history that should be celebrated and pushed to new heights. McEwan Golf draws inspiration from iconic golf events, players...and well, golf culture. This is all translates into limited release designs that make fans a part of the story whether they are on the event grounds or at home watching with their favorite foursome. 

Every hat and apparel item created at McEwan Golf Co is meticulously crafted to deliver a seamless fit and performance function for the course. A hat from McEwan Golf is not just clothing and accessories you can wear on the course branding your favorite golfing moments, it is a deviation from the stagnant solid color hat with a club manufacturers logo to limited edition items that make people stop just to say “where did you get that?”

Unlike the hats and shirts you will find in your local Pro Shops, everything manufactured at McEwan Golf Co is rare in quantity. Once you have a piece of golf history, it will be yours forever. Collaboration, inclusion, and a healthy distaste for the mundane are the hallmarks of the very best parts of McEwan Golf. Every design and inspiration that comes from Diego and his team ensure you get to be a part of the conversation of golf’s greatest stories year-after-year.

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